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Upscale Yet Refreshingly Unpretentious

La Jolla is appealing in so many ways. It oozes with picture-perfect views of the Pacific Ocean. It’s lush with greenery and ablaze with brilliant color. It’s a continuous flow of gentle ocean breezes, blue sky and gorgeous year-round climate. Homes graciously sit on the hillsides overlooking the endless horizon. At first glance many of these homes in La Jolla are somewhat unassuming yet carry price tags that few could afford.

But there’s a refreshing different kind of down-to-earth attitude here. Rich yet unpretentious. Sure you’ll find the Beemers, Benzes and Escalades like you will in any upscale community, but it’s different in La Jolla. When these locals step out of their vehicles they’re wearing shorts, tee-shirts, sandals and ball caps…and they sport friendly, welcoming smiles. You would think they are everyday Joe’s. Well, that’s because they are.

That’s just one of the things that makes vacationing to La Jolla so special. And it gets even better. La Jolla is simply one of the greatest vacation spots in the world. One can only imagine how awe-struck Spanish explorer Balboa must have been when he came upon this view from atop the hills of what would become La Jolla, California. Balboa named it El Mar Pacifico…”the peaceful sea”. Well, it is.

The waves along with nature carved this paradise. The playful dolphins looking inland must be equally awe-struck. Their view is lush colorful hillsides sprouting the rare Torrey Pine trees and giant queen palms that seem to relish the gentle breezes. We see an ocean horizon that curves around La Jolla Cove that silhouettes against sunsets that captivate all that is romantic.

Vacationers to La Jolla are the second luckiest people in the world. The luckiest are those that get to live in this spectacle. All combined, La Jolla could easily be pretentious, but this upscale beauty seems to transform an expected “stuffy” into the most serene place you’ll ever experience.

Most say that La Jolla means “The Jewel”. No doubt it is.


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